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Just say a little prayer

I lost my oldest child a son Todd at the age of 31. In a little over a day, he will be gone 3 years. He passed on January 11. I really don't have any questions. Just trying to travel this awful grief journey. I have learned a lot about grief because of this tragedy. The emotions are like being on a roller coaster. I have wondered how 3 years has now passed. I love and miss my son very deeply still. I am doing this at my own pace though. I have lost both parents and all grandparents. I grieved for them, but nothing compared to the loss of my son Todd. It is not natural to outlive your children, but it happens to many parents. Just need prayers right now I guess. January 11 will come and then it will go. I know this now from experience. God bless all that are hurting and grieving. ♥
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My heartfelt prayers are with you.
I'm at the beginning of the journey as I lost my beautiful 84 year old mother 6 months ago.

It's like an amputation... one learns to adjust to the loss; but, there's always the awareness that something is missing.

Peace be with you!

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There is no doubt that life tests us all and many of us face more challenges than others - there often seems to be neither rhyme nor reason that we can fathom to explain this. Grief is certainly something that all of us are going to have to face in one form or another in our lifetime and many as well face trauma in their lives.

Handling grief is a process and it takes time, sometimes a lot of time, before we will be able to come to the stage of thinking clearly about anything else (shock can often make us feel like a zombie - unable to think clearly and unable to make rational decisions).

All of us are different and we'll do things differently! We go through grief in our own unique way.... however it is important and extremely helpful to reach out to others for assistance (and indeed for others to reach out to the one who is suffering to help them through this time). We need to talk about every single aspect of the event.
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im so so sorry for your loss...your in my thoughts and my prayers..god bless x
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I'm so sorry but know your pain all too well.  I lost my oldest son when he was 31, then my grandson at 18, and in November I lost my youngest son.  Prior to this a husband, both parents and in-laws and a younger brother.  Nothing compares to the loss of a child or grandchild.  I too wonder how I've gotten through it all, I think it's just one day at a time.  Big hugs to you.
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My heart goes out to yous all
Im actually sending this with a tear in my eye
I to lost my 16 year old son June 2008  not a
Day goes by that memories of him spring into my
Mind some make me smile then i feel sad for smiling
God bless yous all xxx
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Gosh how very sad that you lost your son big hugs to you
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