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why delete my posts?

I am seriously quite sure I am going through sero conversion illness right now for the past 3 days. I posted in the main forum and they deleted it . I can't believe you deleted my post , I have had a 102-103 fever for three days, diarrhea, sore throat, massive headaches, pain my both sides of my groin so bad it hurts to walk, and the continued oral thrush now for well over 5 weeks. Two days after my 14.5 week negative test I have become quite ill and I know that I am going to test positive now within the next few weeks. You delete my post because I don't fit your three month conclusive law that you swear blindly too. I know this will be deleted too but Doctor Hunter is always saying he has never heard of a three month negative turning positive but how could he if you delete any posts that challenge your three month rule.
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The HIV Prevention Community has rules about excessive posting (see the opening thread) of members after they have received a CONCLUSIVE test result, which are enforced by MedHelp's moderators. Nobody here deleted your post in that community; this forum is moderated by members.

I agree with the moderators decision to delete your posts because you aren't listening to any of the advice that you are receiving. You refuse to believe your test results and continue to interpret flu symptoms that are WELL BEYOND the time frame for ARS to appear as ARS. When seroconversion occurs, it occurs 10 days to 3 weeks after exposure; NOBODY seroconverts after 14 weeks.

Several people on MH have tried to help you through rational dialogue (you have over 50 posts on MH). For you to benefit from HIV forums, you need to at least make an effort to engage the facts and advice that you receive and apply basic logic to them; if you are unable to do that due to anxiety or some other psychological issue then you are beyond the scope of help that HIV forums can provide. If you can't accept the fact that you simply have the FLU and continue to fixate on HIV, then I would advise you that is in your best interest to get off of HIV forums and seeks a mental health professional.
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Then how do you account for the uncurable thrush for over 5 weeks? In two weeks time when I test again and it does indeed show that I was going through seroconversion sickness will you admit you were wrong about the three month window? Or will my post be deleted, and I will be branded a liar? This worst "flu" of my life has occurred only 2.5 weeks outside of the window period and with the oral thrush that will not go away , surely it is possible that I took longer to seroconvert.
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I already discussed with you the fact that the vast majority of cases of thrush occur in people who DON'T have HIV, and I used an analogy that I thought would help you understand that. You're just like somebody who has a headache you is convinced they have a brain tumor. If you read that post and engaged the factual content of it, then you would understand that thrush is NON-SPECIFIC to HIV, but you obviously did not do this, instead, you held on to the MISTAKEN notion that thrush is somehow specific to HIV infection (which you undoubtedly gleaned from the Internet).

Again, you will not benefit from HIV forums unless you can engage the facts of the reliability of HIV tests over symptoms. If you cannot then there is no point in continued discussion.

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