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1 year later

Hi again its been 1 year since I got tested but my confidence in my results has been shattered. I have many symptoms  acid reflux dry hands ear feels full wart on my face I never had problems like this before and I know these are all symptoms of pure imune health. I'm thinking of being tested again beause I don't want to go on thinking I'm nok and then find out I'm infected and its to late to take medicine to help me...

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An antibody test done any time after 3 months of last exposure is final and conclusive.
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yes if u had test after 3 month the result are conclusive, if your fear not let u see the thing logically i understand your fear , if u want test to get rid of your fear then go a head , fear kill u more faster , as i reading that every 17 mins a person comment suicides in USA ...and in every two hours a student in india comment suicides its all because of fear of etc... i all though to comment suicide when i so in window periods , my fear was irrelevant too like your .. i test after protected sex , so if test can put in better position do it
if u had asked u dont need to test ,  
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look brotha I kissed a trangender and had protected oral and anal sex with the transgender I thought I had contracted hiv to say I had all the symptoms I ccried everyday I was 20 years old and I also posted on here at that time I am now 22 I developed -white tongue-chills at night-body aches -fever-swollen lymp glands (confirmed by doctor)-I also became sleepy -and not to forget I would wake up in sweat.yet after a week of that I developed insomnia .trust me brotha I know how it feels I would go church and ask god for forgiveness I would cry and cry while I would drive I felt bad I would go online and read near death expiences because I thought I would durely die..after testing every 3 months for 1 year n a half I decided to let go and believe my results I was negative and I dirent want to accept it I was prescribed with anxiety pills the doctor said the symptons were in my head and I had to get a grip months after I met a girl who made me forget about those symptoms I broke up with her today we were together for 2 years I am 22 now and I feel like crying but I go back to this and I see there are worse things going on in like and for those who live with hiv or aids I wish em strength and when I pray I pray for them you have tested to be negative let it go brotha don't let it affect you like it affected me
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Thanks for all the comments sorry I respond so slow I just don't go on here to often cause it causes more worry. I have had another problem tho devolep 3 warts on my face which makes me think of low immune system and hiv. Im scarred to get tested again and the doctors on this forum told me no further testing is needed I just worry you know. Thanks again if I ever end up comming back postive I'll tell y'all I havnt had sex since last incvident 1 year out of fear ...
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