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ARS Symptoms 14 weeks what to do

On July 27 I had unprotected sex for the first time with a girl I had been dating/talking to (lapse of judgement). Back story being she had asked me for my test results prior which lead me to believe that she wouldn't just sleep with anyone (stupid train of thought I guess). Sex was vaginal for the most part, we tried anal but it didn't really work. I had asked her when the last time she got tested was and she said 1 year. She is the relationship type but how am I to know if maybe her ex boyfriend gave her something? I know some people have no ARS symptoms I've read nearly every article I could find online about it. 2 months and 6 days later (October 3) I had a sore throat and tender lymph nodes in the neck (although not swollen like the pictures that pop up when you google swollen lymph nodes). 14 weeks later (Nov 1) I woke up and saw white patches above my molars, which I've convinced myself to be hairy leukoplakia or  thrush, but I am not sure seeing as rinsing with baking soda and hot water removed these patches entirely within 1 day. I think I may also have tonsillitis, today I have tender lymph nodes only in my neck again and diarrhea. I had no fevers, rashes, night sweats, headaches, weight loss, loss of appetite, or fatigue only what I've listed above, can ARS start this late? I am scared ******** I haven't gotten tested yet but I will be going soon. I am scared this will ruin my life, especially in the community I am in. I've been relentlessly scouring the internet trying to see what else it could be but everything seems to be linked to HIV or AIDs, white patches + diarrhea is not symptoms of any other disease it seems. I don't know what to do.
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Just get tested symptoms are not the best judge. Good luck
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Forgot to mention I've been stalking this girls social networks now like a full time job.
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