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All symptoms of HIV (guidance requested)


I had unprotected vaginal and oral sex 3 times (17,13,11 weeks) with sex worker.  After 3 rd exposure i had a test at 3 and 9 weeks (ELISA test-don't know which generation, 2nd or 3rd i think-both test were negative).  After about 2 weeks (after 3rd exposure), i had low grade fever --100F for 2 weeks.  Then i got constant PN, i also got pain in lower abdomen (right side) and burning tongue.  I have had some symptoms of PN for about 2 years or more, but it use to come and go, maybe a couple of times, couple of hours each time.  Recently I have taken b12 injections, at first they helped but now, it appears that even though i take them they have no or little effect and I still have the burning sensation, my abdomen pain also varies from little to alot (burning pain), burning tongue is still there and it is white.  I went to neurologist, did a nerve conduction test , OK (they said idiopathic neuropathy), got CT scan done of abdomen, was fine.
I am worried sick now, very anxious about it.  I have always had a weakened immune system, needed to take antibiotics even for colds.  My questions are as follows:

1.  Can the HIV antibodies show up late in weakened immune system (after 9 weeks tests).
2.  Can antibiotics affect the test results or delay it.
3.  Can Rho accutane (which i had taken 4 years ago) affect the result or delay it.
4.  Can other infection cause delay in HIV detection.

What other infection can cause the PN so abruptly and the pain in abdomen (i also have floating stools), burning tongue.

Thanks for the answer.


I had sent this by mistake to other forum.
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Hi there

I would take another test so you can stop worring ,it will be neg.
Antibiontics will not delay a hiv test.
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I now have severe itching and red spots (small boils) on my chest and back.  Don't know what is going on.  Is this seroconversion after 11 weeks.
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I now have a lump close to my right testicle. Not painful however, the size of a ping pong ball.  I guess i must be having it now, just showed up late  due to weak immune system.  I am so convinced now.  Will go and find out the inevitable next week when 12 weeks are up.
Seems like quite a coincidence that i have all these symptoms after the exposure and before that i had almost nothing.
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I will go at 14 weeks for the test.  Is that sufficient or do i need to go again at 6 months given the high risk exposure.  Your advise appreciated
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your 9 week negative is a good indicator of the final result...but you NEED to test at the 3 month mark for a conclusive result.  no need for further testing after that.

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The type of ELISA test was third generation.  Does this affect the time period for which i should be tested i.e. is the 3 months still valid.
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