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Am I at high risk? Can I rule it out now?

1. I had sex with a female sex worker on August 26. I just found that the condom was broken and stayed in her body for less than 5s. Is this a high-risk behavior? 2. Out of panic, I immediately took the blocking drug and then consulted the doctor. He thought there was no risk. I stopped the drug 5 days after taking the drug, that is, on September 1, and went to the hospital in October to test the third generation of hiv. It showed negative. Can I rule it now? If not, how long will it take to test? 3. From September to October, there are many symptoms, such as dizziness, photophobia, panic, fever in the face and ears, but normal body temperature, body itching, acne, cold, and some of the symptoms have not been completely recovered. Are these caused by hiv? Thank you for your help.
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Hello. So, to clarify, the condom broke or pulled off and was left in her? Remember, only the head of your penis needs to be covered. AND, important to also remember how low a risk a one time condom break is. It's less than one percent risk of transmission. So, over a 99 percent chance this was nothing.

You too blocking medication. Assuming you followed protocol and directions. And when did this happen? A third generation test is conclusive at 12 weeks.

Symptoms are NOT used to diagnose HIV. And your anxiety is making you analyze every thing and think it has something to do with this event. You gotta quit that.
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Thank you for your reply. It makes me feel better. The front of Pennis was completely exposed, but I immediately found that the time without a condom was less than 5 seconds.
In addition, different doctors hold different views. Some people think that as long as they come into contact with vaginal secretions, they should take blocking drugs, so I took the medicine, but I consulted the chief doctor. He thought that there was no risk and no need to take medicine, so I stopped taking the medicine. I only took it for 5 days, and 35 days after stopping the drug, it was tested negative (once  the fourth generation of fingertip blood tested neg, once three generations of venous blood sampling in hospitals are negative). no wound , short  time and other party may not be a hiv carrier.  so  I think the probability of infection should be very low
We follow guidance from doctors who are experts in HIV so don't need your synopsis of different views. You had less than one percent risk. There really was no risk to take the medicine. Your risk was less than one percent at best (if the other person had hiv, 0 if they didn't and they used condoms typically as they did for you meaning they likely didn't). As stated, a third generation test is not conclusive until 12 weeks.

Already said your probability was very low. Test at 12 weeks and expect it to be negative.
"..35 days after stopping the drug, it was tested negative (once  the fourth generation..." A 4 gen. is conclusive after 4 weeks, so if I read your facts correctly, you are already conclusively negative.
Your symptoms are almost all either in your imagination ("face fever" but not high temp. for instance) or colds etc. so unless  the photophobia and dizziness has been diagnosed by a doctor, you probably have nothing concerning. In any event you are worrying about the wrong disease since you're conclusively neg. for hiv, but if a serious health issue exists, seek doctor's treatment.
I see. Thank you for your advice. I will go to the hospital to further check other symptoms.
Did you take a 4th generation or 3rd generation test?
Yes, but the fourth generation was self-tested with Abbott test paper, and the third generation was tested by the hospital. I'm not sure if the test results of Abbott test paper are meaningful.
A fourth generation test is considered accurate at 28 days no matter the test. If you took one after 28 days, it is accurate. Your third generation is not conclusive unless taken at 12 weeks or beyond. Sounds like your fourth generation test was taken and is negative so you are conclusively negative.
Thanks a lot , I took the fourth generation test on 34days with Abbott test paper .according to your description, I’m conclusively negative right?
You've been told this twice, yet you copied the advice and put a question mark on it. It shouldn't be necessary for us to keep repeating.
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