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Tested negative negative 100 days after finishing PEP. Can I have sex?

I had a condom break for a few seconds in gay anal sex. Took PEP and tested many times after. My last test was a 4th generation test and 105 days after finishing PEP. I probably would have forgotten about it all but my I've been having cold symptoms (which I know are probably just a cold)

I just starting dating new guy and in case we have sex I'm thinking about if I should explain my situation to him because I havent had the 6 month test yet? We're gonna use condoms but probably not for oral?
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You were probably told with your last post that any test 28 days after your last dose of pep was conclusive if testing with a 4th generation DUO test.
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So there’s no legal/ethical reason to bring it up to him?
Thats what you guys say but doctors still test for 6 months so how can I be 100% comfortable
You know what? You are literally over reacting. You had a LESS THAN one percent chance of HIV transmission from a single episode of a condom break. PEP is normally NOT even given in such situations but some doctor gave it to you any way. It's reserved for situations in which those that are KNOWN HIV positive partner. You shouldn't have been on pep to begin with. Then you take it and 'we' (uh, you are asking US) say normal testing time lines after the last day of pep, which is 28 days for a 4th generation duo test and 3 months for all others. 'THEY' say is meaningless to us here as we are guided by expert physicians. But your anxiety will cause you to continue to question with every sniffle you get, I guess. No, you don't have to explain anything to anyone. YOu barely had a risk and you tested within the time frame to be considered conclusively negative. This is not a special situation. It's a single condom break, you didn't get hiv, move on with your life.  
normal testing time lines, I mean.
And by the way, 105 days? Is that not three months? Is that NOT more than 12 weeks? Please, stop the over worrying. It's time to let this go.

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