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Anyone who knows reliable test in UAE

Can anyone help and inform me where to get HIV test in UAE. Location and name of the clinic / hospital.

Reliable in outcome since I am only an expat here in Abu Dhabi.

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Didn't someone here tell you address of a clinic in Dubai, run by a Sudanese Doctor? Knowing the systems in Arab Emirates and other kingdoms of the region, I still doubt about confidentiality of your results, at least to their health ministries.  Much better for you to get tested in India, your home town.
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There is a clinic called Zack Medical Center that does all kind of HIV test (RNA PCR, P24 antigen, ELISA) . They claim their testing is confidential, but don't know how far its true. They do offer to send your results by email.  Here is their address:
Zack Medical Center
107, First Floor, Dubai Building Co-op Society
Building Above Sunrise City Super Market, Opposite Dubai Grand Hotel
Damascus Road, Qusais - 2,
P.O Box : 47520, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Ph: 04 2633370, fax: +9714 2633378
Hope this helps!
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