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Candy wrapper

Hey guys something totally awkward happened to me and it scared me and it made me super anxious. I bought some candy that had a plastic wrapper. I opened the candy and ate. I was wearing my bfs
Boxers and they have that hole that u use to pee. Anyways later I saw a piece of that plastic on my
Vagina. It like fell in. :( am I at risk of hiv? Who knows who else touched the wrapper!!!
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OMG ..no risk , what risk , why risk ..
i understand the level of anxiety.. hiv is not common cold virus or anything like ..its very hard  virus to pass on
and the hiv virus has very short life out human body and second thing their is not risk of hiv form dialy activites which included eating food together , hand shake , hugs , normal kissing or close mouth kissing , etc ... given that person is infected ...
the real risk are form unprotected sex and sharing of needles ...
mother to child , breast feeding to child and the blood fusion which is the real to medical worker

even with those the chance are like 1/1000 for unprotected sex ..

i m write all this to aware you about the information ... not to promoted unprotected sex ... or anything
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No! Zero risk!  
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