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Condom broke and Hiv anxity

I make a mistake in 14th aug 19.i done sex with call girl but my condom burst and when i identify that i think its 3to4 min late..i instantly pul it out and ejaculate outside and the girl says she is clear.but in night after googling i found m in risk of hiv and i cnt sleep that night.next day i concern with dr and he says m in low risk but i insist and start Pep and completed 30days course.after 15days of completion i sudenly feel my armpit is paining and sometime i had a headache and chill. But after find that armpit pain can cause by swallowen lymph node and try to figure out if it is but i cant figure out..i try to realx but back of my mind a anxity to catch hiv is working and i cant concentrate on work and had many sleepless night.. i dnt under stand wht to do ..dr says i have to wait 90days for confirmatory result..but evry day is like a year for me

.plz help mee.. is my symptom is for hiv???wht r the chances of getting hiv in my case???
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Every day you read about HIV symptoms on the internet and your mind processes it to imagine yourself with it. STOP the symptom surfing.

You are clearly overreacting, your risk was low. Most experts haven't seen a male acquiring this virus from a female through one act of unprotected vaginal intercourse, your exposure was brief. Most importantly, the idea that your partner was HIV positive is a mere assumption and completely anxiety driven.

The real issue is either guilt of something or fear of this disease, see a counselor for it. Get a test at the aforementioned time and move on, it's going to be negative.

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Those are not symptoms of HIV.  You can take a 4th generation test about 4-6 weeks after you have finished PEP and it will be very close to conclusive.
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I already completed my pep on 15th sep.. when should i go for test???
And howz my risk ?? Can my test result come possitive???
You can go test on the 14th of October, 2019. Very unlikely to test positive, as suggested by your doctor -  your risk was low, PEP wasn't necessary.
Actually i cant want to take any risk..bcoz its my 1st time and its happen ..whole night i gooogling ..and so much differnt opinion was there i completely lost.. even today back of my mind its alwys.."what if" ...
My best bet is that u didn’t. If she asked you use condom then most likely she is not infected, but u took prep so it lowers your risk even more and for NAAT test by the 2-3 month you’ll be able to know mostly for sure.
Thankss every one for your support.. i tried my level best but somehow i cant peace my mind ..everyday a new symptom strts to develop.. now Suffering from sore throat and pain in neck and also headache... dont knw wht is going on with me....??? Every time my mind ask "wht if ??":
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