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Condom use and micro tearing

Hello guys,
Long story short, I had anal sex with a guy. I was the one who was farming. He used a condom, and when he ejaculated inside me, he ejaculated inside the condom. After we finished, I inspected the condom and filled it up with water, to see if it was leaking or if it had any tears. The condom did not have any tears. However, this was a hook up, so I don’t know the guy that well.

My question is, let’s assume that the guy that penetrated me was HIV positive, and is under no medication, if the condom had a microtear, can HIV be transmitted to me via the micro tearing.

I have been on PEP for four days now. I would like to stop because I know that I was safe and the condom had no leakage. However, my mind has a mind of its own. Should I be concerned or worried? Should I get a generation 4 blood work done? I would like some advice from anyone that is an expert in HIV or a medical professional if it’s possible. However, any advice from anyone would help. Please let me know, I’m super nervous here.
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You can't get hiv when you use a condom. If it failed it would be a long OBVIOUS rip down the seam so your messy water test was a waste of time. Microtears are a myth. Ditch the PEP and go back to your normal happy life because you had a non-event encounter. The only thing you will need is therapy - if you can't stop worrying about a non-event.
Thank you for your advice. I will definitely stop pep. I don’t like how it makes me feel and my anxiety is really dictating my reality.
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Well, I think you know this is anxiety related, right? Why are you on pep, by the way? I sure hope not from this. HIV is transmitted in specific ways. By having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV needles to inject drugs. The barrier of the condom protected you and only the head of the penis needs to be covered. Micro tears are a myth. They don't happen in real life. Condoms burst wide open and are very noticeable. You don't need to fill condoms with water after sex. That's feeding your anxiety and pointless. The head was covered? Safe from HIV! If you are on on PEP because of THIS, please talk to your doctor about discontinuing it. It causes side effects.  You don't need it. Work on the anxiety. Seeking reassurance, looking things up, asking people, testing . . . it's all part of the anxiety cycle and keeps you stuck. No risk. Let it go.
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Thank you so much for your insight. My anxiety is completely taking over my better judgement. I will stop taking Pep today.
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