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Do I have HIV? Rash and White Tongue/Thrush?

A day or two before Christmas I have casual sex with a female. I did use a condom but I'm not sure if it was on properly or all the way.

The day after, I have really bad pain while swallowing (which only lasted two hours after waking up, then disappeared), swollen lymph nodes, a lot of mucous, stuffed nosed and a cough. The pain was more around the back of my mouth/tonsils and not my throat going down into my stomach. This lasted for two weeks, and then recently I've noticed a white/yellow coating on my tongue that gets thicker the further back my tongue goes. I've also have gotten small red and white sores in my mouth underneath my tongue and on my lips (total of three or four). Besides the coating and sores, I still have swollen lymph nodes as well as some skin on the chest right below the neck being red, no texture change or bumps/lesions yet. Swallowing is not painful and I don't have a sore throat or cough anymore.

Potential exposure would have been a little more than three weeks ago. Can I get some opinions?
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Could I get a second opinion?
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hi, you seem pretty confident with that answer. How can you be so sure?
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Hi, during your brush time, take a brush and clean your tongue. You never had any exposure. Anxiety is giving you all the trouble.
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