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I am a 21 year old circumcised male who has never had any health problems before. 3 weeks ago i had sex with a thai prostitute in Bangkok, we had protected oral and vaginal sex for the most part, there was a brief 5 minute time were my condom broke so i had to replace it. one week later after masterbating my penis began tingling and my balls started to ache, after spending the whole night doing research my stomach started to hurt, my penis tingling stopped the next day and my testicals came and went but the stomach  pain stayed, at the 20 day mark i got my test and they all came back neg, which means my testicular pain had nothing to do with it ( Doc said prob to much liquor) and also my stomach pain stopped, the doctor then told me i was all free and that it was a conclusive test and i should not worry about it or take another test due to the fact that i am very healthy and the people who take longer are the ones who have and some damage or previous problems. Now i feel great and have no symptoms so what im trying to ask is should i trust the doctor about the antigen test or should i get retested at 6 weeks?    
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there are NO tests marketed or approved to give a conclusive result earlier than 3 months post exposure.
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I understand that but is it a good sign that i have no symptoms and that my 3 week Hiv test came back neg, and due to the fact that as of last month the girl did not have hiv?
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I never had any ARS symptoms and have been HIV positive for 28 years.
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