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My symptoms are telling me I have hiv. Am I infected?

I am so anxious and scared I don't know who to ask help for.
I am a seaman and my last hiv test was at Feb 2022 which is negative.
My ship was at Bangkok. At 24th Dec 2022 I had protected sex with a CSW girl at Bangkok. It includes protected vaginal sex and protected blowjob from her and unprotected hand job from her. I used the same condom for both scenarios which I'm sure didn't break. After a moment's sleep I had sex with her again which is protected vaginal then I ejaculated.
Next day morning I felt burning sensation after I pee at tip of my penis so I ate 2g of Azithromycin (which I thought would cure some STDs) but burning symptoms didn't disappear which lasts till today.
After a week from that exposure I drunk so much and  smoked some weed at New year night (which is legal in Bangkok) for the first time in my life.
Next day (after 7 days from my exposure), my whole body have severe whole body rashes which are so so itchy and together with chills and weak for three days which are indicative of acute HIV infection.
I am already stressed because of existing penis tip burning sensation but now again whole body rash and itch which is main concern for me.
Now I am almost certain I am infected with HIV as all these symptoms and timeline suggest within acute HIV ARS symptoms.
I can't sleep well, afraid to tell about my conditions to my crewmates, and now I am always thinking and browsing internet about HIV and my symptoms.
Please experienced members and doctors, help me, tell me what to do and give me even if it is a straw of hope cause I am so lonely, so afraid and stressed with no help.
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You don't need a "straw of hope."  You had NO RISK for HIV.

The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

Whatever is causing your medical symptoms has nothing to do with HIV. Itchy body rashes and burning penis tip are not HIV symptoms anyway.   Oral is no risk, handjob is not a risk, and penetrative intercourse with a condom that does not VISIBLY break is zero risk for HIV.
See the doctor for your claims of "burning penis tip" instead of wasting any more time trying to diagnose with no medical training by fixating on the only disease you can think of.
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