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Am I infected HIV? Help me!

One week ago I had protected sex with CSW in Thailand. We both naked and kissed each other but not on lips nor genitals. Then she put condom on my thing and give me blowjob and as I became hard I had insertive vaginal sex with her still with condom on. Suddenly I cannot get hard and pull out and give myself hand job with condom on. She then laughed and pull out the condom with her hand and give me hand job with her hand.
After that I still cannot erect and so I told her to stop and then I go to toilet and washed my genital.
Later that night I again gave myself hand job and as I became hard, I put new condom on and have varginal sex with her again for about 5 minutes, this time I ejaculated inside her with condom on and then I removed the condom,washed my hands with soap then washed my genital with soap again.
This was my risky exposure.
After one week from that day, I have very itchy rash with small raised bumps and red raised patches on all over my body except genitals, palms of hands and soles of feed. It is so itchy that I wake up while sleeping.During that time I also noticed I feel cold easily and feeling weak but no fever.
I am so afraid of acute hiv infection. I have those symptoms till today without fading especially the itchy rash.
I am decided to test for HIV at three months mark but now I am so anxious that I browse internet for relief of mind but get more anxious after reading ARS symptoms which are identical to mine.
Please help me about my HIV risk and symptoms, I am gonna lose my mind. I don't feel happy any more, please.
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Here are the risks for HIV and the ONLY risks. HIV is transmitted by unprotected vaginal sex, unprotected anal sex or sharing IV needles to inject drugs. That's it. The condom ONLY has to cover the tip of your penis. Hands do NOT transmit HIV. Air inactivates the virus. Any and all symptoms you are applying to this exposure and are thinking are HIV related are not. You do not even need to test as you had NO risk.
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Do not lose your mind
Hiv can not be transmitted as much as condom covered your thing during penetrative sex .
Hiv is not transmitted by hand jop.
Rash is caused by stress and thinking all the time .
0% risk event and no need to test
In addition to all mentioned a bove you can be sure that the lady does not have hiv. She knows well how to protect her self and although she is sure 100% you are negative she applied you the condom .
Be happy and move on .
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