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HIV/ paranoia

I had numerous risky encounters starting the end of nov. 09 with a man i fell for rather quickly. By early feb 10(the time of our last sexual contact) I was diagnosed with herpes and most recently chlamydia from this horrible person. At the end of march 10 I took a home access hiv test which was negative. About 2 weeks ago (6 mo mark) I took another HA test which also came back negative. I am having major anxiety about this. Googling all the time. I've spoken to a nurse practitioner at my local PCP and she told me to test again in 6 months. I spoke with a physicians assistant and the doctor she works for in Buffalo, NY and they said after 3 months you can check at 6 to be safe but after 3 months if its negative you are fine.......any advice? I'm trying to (confidently) move on without freaking out.
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If your tests were neg then your likely to stay the same i think, especially since you took more than once. 3 months is 97% accurate thats why they say maybe wait 6 to be sure.
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Thanks. I took another one about a week ago which would put me at 6 months maybe 6 months and a week ( I tried blocking the idiot out of my mind)...it was negative.
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3 months is conclusive, you are HIV negative.
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Thanks..I think its the anxiety thats driving me insane at this point. I was fine until I found out a little later that he gave me chlamydia also ...and hearing about the different generation tests..it all seems so simple but the more you look into it it seems to get more complicated.
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Do you have any idea why the nurse practioner I saw yesterday would scare me by saying "oh just get tested again in 6 months.." My friend that is a physicians assistant said the standard of practice has been to test for a baseline then at 3 months and again at 6 if you want to be extra safe... I basically went to my doc because I was SO anxious that I could not handle myself any more and had so many questions. I felt like they treated me like a crazy person.
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