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HIV Concern Single Oral Exposure

I need some guidance on whether HIV is possible after cunnilingus/analingus on a stripper. After 1 week I had a full std panel including swab of throat which all tests were negative. HIV test was ab/ag duo. About 2 weeks after exposure I had a sore throat that progressed to extreme sore throat with burning mouth/tongue and rash on sides of body that wasn’t itchy with many cherry angiomas on chest/stomach. I’ve never had a cherry angioma before. I then had what I can only assume is primary HIV chancre on my cheek that went away after about 10 days. I retested HIV at 53 days with HIV ab/ag 1/2.  After 2nd negative HIV I started into have all over body itch. At 9.5 weeks I had Hepatitis tests for A/B/C. All negative. In the last week I’ve started to get stiff neck and lymph node irritation. Tomorrow is 12 weeks and plan to retest for HIV and Syphillis. I understand that oral sex is low risk and read many posts on this site that state oral set isn’t exposure to HIV but is risk for other STDs. Would another std like syphillis increase HIV from cunnilingus/analingus?
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Also, I’ve had occasional night sweats and uneasy stomach but I’m sure that is stress/anxiety related. I think some type of std was acquired based on what I’m feeling I’m just scared HIV was also.
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You were never at risk. Oral sex is inefficient for transmission of HIV.

The above assessment doesn't change even factoring, cuts inside of your mouth / bad oral hygiene or ingesting infected fluid.

Saliva and gastric acid in your stomach restricts HIV transmission.

You were never required to test, you don't need to test any further. You are clearly dealing with a lot of anxiety, please see a therapist to figure out the real cause of this irrational fear and provide you with treatment to overcome this.

HIV is not your concern.
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Thank you for your response. Yes I’m definitely very stressed about this very poor decision to engage in this type of behavior.
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Stress doesn't equal risk, remember that.  Nor does guilt or regret.  The risks for HIV are very straight forward. Unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles are the only ways adults get HIV.  Oral sex, giving and/or receiving does not transmit the virus.  Air and saliva inactivate it.  So, you had no risk.
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