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HIV P24 test after 14 and 28 days

I have a sex with a net girl friend on 15/7 without protection a first when she come up with me for 1-2 minutes, we have used the condom after that.  Then I was went for a P24 combo test at 14 (30/7) and 28 day (13/7) after sex and at the 21 day (6/7) and went for the HIV ag/ab test and they all come back with negative.

But the symptoms have been first developed around 3-4 weeks and I have heat and headache just similar with normal cold symptoms but they were soothed after doctor consultation. But they came back again today and i found the lymph node on my right neck.

Is my negative can be believed and it is the conclusive result for I am not carrying the HIV?  Further test for HIV still required? And the symptoms are not caused by the HIV infection?

Many thanks for the advise.
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Conclusive result. No need further testing. Symptoms not caused by hiv. And you can't find a lymph node, it is there all the time.
Anyways dont worry about hiv anymore
Thank you very much for your feedback :)
Hi, here have some update about my case. I have been advised for take another duo test at 6 weeks since i have a unprotected sex for 1-2 minutes. I think it is good for having an conformation test for release my concert about HIV infection since there have lots of evidence shows that the result won't be changed at 3 months test after 6 weeks test even in 3rd gen test. It will be a good reason to let myself move on to my life.

But the thing i am nervous is will the test result change from negative to positive in 4 to 6 weeks. Since that person told me many times that the result will never changed and it surely come back will negative result, I am still frightened for this.

Many thanks for the answer.
You only had an unprotected on 15/7 and you tested conclusively negative.
It is abnormal to continue testing repeatedly for the same disease you are negative for. There is no such thing as a confirmation test since you are already conclusively negative. If you don't believe the first test then it is unlikely that you will believe the second either.  
Your anxiety is a bit of a mental health problem so see a therapist instead of wasting your time testing again and not believing it the second time either.
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