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HIV Prostitute

I'm an 18 year old guy. About a month ago I had vaginal sex with a prostitute with a condom. That's WITH a condom. I had shaven my pubic hair earlier that day and my skin was irritated. Her HIV status is unknown to me, as in, I don't know if she had HIV or not. Her vaginal fluid got on the base of my penis where the condom did not cover. If it matters, I did not ejaculate during intercourse. After we stopped I got in the shower and scrubbed my genitals thoroughly with soap. I also masterbated and ejaculated; mostly to clean out my urethra. I got tested for various STDs and HIV and I get the results tomorrow. No matter what the result is of the HIV test I plan to be tested again in about two months and again three months after that. I can deal with any other STD, but I can't deal with HIV. What do ya'll think about all of this???? Any opinions, advice, probabilities....anything would be helpful and infinitely appreciated. Thank you.
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There is no way you could have gotten HIV from the encounter you described. Sex with a condom is called protected sex with a reason. HIV cannot go through latex. You are not at risk.
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Also, wanted to add, the chances the prostitute had HIV (if you are in the US or Canada) is very low.
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but what about the fact that my skin was irritated to the point of minor bleeding earlier that day and that her vaginal fluid came in contact with that irritated skin (if she was infected)?
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Even if your penis was irritated, if it was not bleeding at the time the vaginal fluid came in contact with it, you aren't really at risk.
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any stats on percentage of infected prostitutes in u.s.?
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HIV isn't a game of chance. You want to play chances or odds go to the horse track. Use a condom correctly and consistently each and every time and you won't have a risk.
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