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HIV Test Accuracy

Hello, I had protected sex with a sex worker 60 days ago. Did not notice a tear in the condom. There might’ve been one, not sure.
I got tested at the hospital 15 days after, I believe it was 4th gen. came back negative.

waited till 41 days and my doctor told me to get another test and i went to a different hospital, 4th gen and the results came back negative again. I’ve read on here that the only way to get HIV from penetration is without a condom, but then I unfortunately am one of those people who looks stuff up on google, and it says it’s only 90% effective…?

so 1- is that true, that condoms aren’t fully effective?
2- are my test results conclusive or should i go get tested again, some places it says that it in some cases HiV doesn’t show up for months, sometimes 6 months… which is worrisome

any feedback back would be great thank you.
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You didn't have a risk, and your tests are conclusive regardless.

Condoms aren't 100% effective due to incorrect usage that can result in tears/breakage. HIV enters through the head of the penis, so as long as the condom was visibly intact and covered the head of your penis, you were not at risk for HIV>
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thank you curfew, i am just worried to the what if aspect of the condom not doing it’s job. do you know if the tests are accurate at 41 days? i guess that’s a side question.
only asking this side question, because i’ve read in certain sites (not sure if true or false, which is why i’m asking y’all), that it takes 6 months or 3 months or what not to show a conclusive result because some people’s bodies don’t build antibodies for months after getting the virus? i was just anxious like what if my body hasn’t built it yet.. just things i’m curious about
Since you had no risk, your test was purposeless and there is no guideline on how to conduct a purposeless test.
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You are just asking the same questions using different words.  I don't know why other sites give out bad information. Your test is conclusive and you should move on from this event. You never even had a risk.
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