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HIV Tests Verification (Tests after 2 weeks and 5 weeks of potential exposure)

To just make sure, I got tests done again after exactly 5 weeks and I am sharing results.... I got exposure which has negligible chances of getting HIV but I am going insance thinking about what if I got HIV. SO please review results and let me know if I should get tested again at 90 days to be 100% sure?


Human Immunodeficiency Virus - HIV 1 & 2 By ELISA

22nd July Result (2 weeks after potential exposure)
Result: Non Reactive
Cutoff value: 1.0
Patient Value 0.16

10th August Result (5 weeks after potential exposure)
Result: Non Reactive
Cutoff value: 1.0
Patient Value 0.08


HIV BY PCR (Viral Load / Quantitation) Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Result: Not Detected (22nd July Result)(2 weeks after potential exposure)
Result: Not Detected (10th August Result)(5 weeks after potential exposure)


I am having one of the worst ever throat infection and flu/cold in my life 2 days before the 10th August test and still down with cold/flu and soar throat but dont have fever.

Should I get these tests done at 90 days too? Would Human Immunodeficiency Virus - HIV 1 & 2 By ELISA test only be ok as the other one is pretty costely.
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The answers have not changed since the last time you asked the same exact questions.  Please reread what you've already been told and seek a therapist for your obsessive anxiety because this forum does not provide support for anxiety.
Thank you for the reply. I just want to know whether the Human Immunodeficiency Virus - HIV 1 & 2 By ELISA result after 5 weeks is conclusive or not? I have read that this test is reliable if done within 28 days of exposure. I got it done 14 days after exposure and then 35 days after exposure.
You are very helpful but you can understand why there is anxiety. Just want to make sure I am not effected by HIV. I have very bad sore throat since 5 days now even antibiotics are working slowly to get me recovered. I got the 2nd test on day 3 of severe throat infection and cold/flu....

but the results are still negative. Any chance that these tests are negative because they are not done at the right time on within the window time?
No, there is NO chance, because as you have repeatedly been told, you had no risk. There is no window period when someone has no rush because there was no exposure date from which to count the start of the window period. Besides which, if your symptoms were HIV related, you would have tested positive. Which clearly you did NOT. For all of those reasons, this is not an HIV problem but rather an anxiety problem. The only way you'll overcome this problem is by seeing a therapist to help you figure out why you're so anxious about a disease that you were never exposed to in the first place.
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