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HIV concern from unprotected vaginal sex

I had unprotected vaginal sex a couple of months ago, 55 days after i experienced a presistent sore throat and swollen lymph nodes on my neck. No fever though. I also have no fatigue or anything else just these symptoms. I tested 50 days after exposure with a duo test which is negative. Do i need to test again and are my symptoms due to HIV?
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While unprotected sex is a risk, a one time occurrence of it is a low risk. Less than two percent.  You've also tested negative.  The 4th generation test is fully conclusive at 6 weeks.
Are my symptoms due to HIV? Even if i have not reached seroconversion will the test be accurate?
Thank you
Late seroconversion is an OLD myth. Conclusive is not a myth. People cough on your lips so sore throat is to be expected at any time so move on from hiv and stop poking your lymph while pretending you are a doctor.
Thank you, but im not talking about late seroconversion im talking about are the tests conclusive even if i have symptoms after it?
An hiv doc can't diagnose from symptoms so you won't be able to either. In practical terms you were talking about LS when you doubted GR's advice that you reached the window to be conclusive, so that is why I answered it as such. No purpose in testing conclusive again.
Billions of negative people like you get sore throat so you don't have "symptoms" which is why symptoms are not useful to diagnose.  
Ok Thank you, so closing this up my tests are conclusive whether i have symptoms after the test? Just for confirmation.
Reread GR's advice. Your questions are never ending so I am done.
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