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HIV infection through vaginal fluids on baby wipe to glans?

I had protected sex with a prostitute but i had some risk: when she took the condom off i noticed she wiped my exposed glans with the tip of the same wipe she was holding the condom, most likely in the outer layer of the condom there was vaginal fluids, my real question is what are the chances i got infected?

I have had several symptoms since then, i have had chills, slight fever, some sweats (not at nights at least), an inflammation on the back of my knees, constant cold in my calves, stings in my left eye, left testicle, buttocks, groin and some in my arms, stomach aches, intense heat in my legs, and i think i may have a ganglion on the left side of my jaw.

If i got some risk when should i get tested?
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Nothing you mention is a risk for infection.
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How come i got all of these symptoms? I have even lost 10 pounds in a month.
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See a doctor. It's not HIV
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Are you absolutely sure about this? Because i think she was trying to hide something from me. I asked her if she had a health certificate and she said she did and then i asked her if i could see it, and she told she didn't have it with her, i asked where she had it and she was hesitant because all she responded was hmmm... for a few seconds and then i asked if she got it in her house and then she answer that she did. Which makes me question her status.

Plus when she cleaned my penis glans with that vaginal fluids ridden baby wipe she did it in just a few seconds after i came in the condom. So maybe HIV was still alive, right?
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Moreover i was so shocked that happened that i didn't quite continue to clean my penis after she did it for me. And i say this because i noticed a large quantity of semen on top of my glans, which i did not wipe. Maybe my semen got infected with her fluids from the baby wipe and if not cleaned they entered the urethra again and infected me.

I'm past the 6th week and on monday, i'll be on my 45th day after exposure. I did myself and HIV test on the 4th week a month and turned out negative.
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Well? Or anyone else?
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No risk. Get tested if the negative result will be reassuring to you.
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Yet not conclusive? how come in the UK it's conclusive at 28 days and in France at 45 days? that is for 4th generation tests.
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4th gen test are already conclusive at 4 weeks. The cdc and the bashh has stated that multiple times. Why the french goverment implements 45 days I do not know. But you never had a risk exposure. Get tested with a 4th gen test at day 28 expect a negative result. Goodluck!
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Hiv is no longer your problem that is all that matters. Good luck!
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Already got tested at 4 weeks and the result came out negative, tomorrow i get my 45 days after exposure result. I have developed a weird new symptom, my calves are feeling very rigid, and sometimes i feel pain in them, especially when going up or down a flight of stairs. What is wrong with me? I got my neutrophils a little lower in my last blood test, which in my opinion and Mr. Google and my Dr. would indicate a viral infection. Of what kind i do not know...

He suggested it could be mono, maybe EBV or even CMW. I don't know what to think anymore this affecting my concetration but mostly my humor and sense of well being.
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What ever it is not a std. Since you never had a risk.
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