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HIV test at 7 weeks (52 days) and the "condom broke"

Hi all.

I need help... On the 24 February 2009 I had sex with sex worke and the condom broke. I am a male and the woman said that she does not have HIV becuase she was test for the virus 2 months before.

On the 14 January 2009 I found that I have a ucler on my right genital but it confused me with a grow in hair so it did not worry me. (ucler was 4mm diameter)

On the 11 April 2009 I started to feel ill and my knees "joints" was very sore and I had a rash under my feet and on my stomach area.

On the 16 April 2009 I went and got a Rapid test which was negative, after that I went to the doctor and did some tests further.. This was now 51 days after exposure (7.28 weeks).

The results was as follow:

Red blood cell count 5.4 x 10^12 / L
White cell Count 7.6 x 10^9 / L

Lymphocyte count 0.9 x 10^9 /L (which the rage must be 1.0 - 4.0)

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate - ESR 39 mm/h (which the rage must be 1 - 10)

Immunology C Reactive Protein (CRP) - 28.4 mg/L (which the rage must be 0 - 10)

Chlamydia antibodies
- C trachomatis IgG titre ....<1:16
- C trachomatis IgG .......... Neg

Cytomegalovirus Antibodies
Cmv IgG ...... Neg

Hep AB - NEGative
Hep B serology ...Neg

HIV Ab + p24 Ag (Abbott) ......... Negative (NON- REACTIVE)

TREPONEMA PALLIDUM Ab TITRE ............. 30.96 s/co        (which must be 0 - 1)
RPR ...........................................................NEGATIVE

OKAY so this results came out. I have syphlis and cmv. I have been on Doxycycline 200mg for almost a month now for the Syphilis.
After 1 week of the medication the rash dissapeared and the ulcer on my genetal was healing.
The joint pains are away but I am worried still.

1) What are the changes that I will have HIV?

2) Was that HIV test accurate?

3) Will I be cured from the syphilis and do this rash and joint pains that dissapeared, is it any good sign?

4) What are the changes that I will die?

Please help me....

I am so tired I can`t sleep anymore. its now been 76 days since the incedent.

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UNPROTECTED SEX WITH CSW IS A HIV RISK, TEST AT 3 MONTHS FOR A CONCLUSIVE TEST POST POSSIBLE EXPOSURE(WITH NO EXPOSURES IN BETWEEN) , She is a csw but do u say that u were her only customer after 2 months and do you also say her only possible exposure was 2 months ago( and still a 3 month test is only proof of conclusitivity.) Others would definitely advise u to mindlessly engagge in all kind of sex acts but only with condom thats how they boost condomn sales. I dont work for them, SEX outside marraige/multiple partners of unknown status is all a risk, be safe , marraige is ur best bet.
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Be sure to test at 3 months also openess about ur status to all possible partners. I hope u re - ve and stay that way.
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Ignore my suggestions if u want only qualified docters I am not a docter.
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Obtain a conclusive result at 3 months post exposure and ignore the other poster. It doesn't matter with whom you have sex with or how often as long as you use latex or polyurethane condoms consistently and correctly which includes using plenty of water base lube.
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