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Had a encounter with a girl But the condom break her HIV status is negative but i dont Believe her she test in the uk and told me that the clinic over there give results over text messages and send it to me.I tested at 27 days with 4 generation hiv test and it was negative but im still feel sick. The first week i was feeling tired,achy feverish but no fever.the second week i was feeling the same way but this time with bad headaches so i told myself it can be sinus headaches but that not the case the 3 week i was feeling the same but the headaches were more dill but i still feel like im come down with a cold but no runny nose and cough the 4 week im feeling like sick i dont know what wrong with my body is fight something over i have use over over counter med but nothing working please help thanks
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You tested one day early, but you might be ok. People cough on your lips and door knobs, so colds are to be expected at any time, not just after sex.
It is not surprising that you haven't been able to cure your cold with OTC, so be patient and it will go away like all the rest of the ones that you have had.
And aslo i have a swollen lymph nodes on my armpit and behind the ear and neck but the neck went away thanks for the support
You don't have any medical training so you are wasting your time trying to self diagnose HIV, so you shouldn't be poking at your lymph since you don't know what lymph does or what it is supposed to do. You are wasting your time studying your body, trying to work up an HIV theory, because doctors don't diagnose from symptoms so you can't either.
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So lymph nodes are swollen they not detect virus or bacteria in the body that what im reading online its part of the immune system
You don't have any medical training so you are wasting your time.
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I understand but that why im on here looking for answer cause im not medical training i never have swollen lymph nodes in my life so to have it after sex encounter its scary and stress situation i have get cold and flu mtime but not 5 weeks straight feeling like dog  ****
"You are wasting your time studying your body, trying to work up an HIV theory, because doctors don't diagnose from symptoms. "
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A one time episode is low risk for HIV transmission.  And symptoms are never used to diagnose HIV as the exact same things can be attributed to other causes/illnesses. Only tests tell you.  So, take a final 4th generation Duo test and be done with it. Expect it to be negative.  No one can tell you anything different than that and continuing to ask and fret is really pointless.  
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Thanks GuitarRox its the stress and anxiety thanks once again
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