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Hiv prevention with condom.

Hello. Recently I started to flirt with a guy. We had a gay relationship. When we had anal sex I used condom always from the begining of the sex till the end. I was top. I used the condom properly and there was no breakage on the condom. However he told me that he is positive. At the same time he is taking ART drugs for 1.5 years and his viral load is undetectable for 1 year. I want to ask that is there any risk for me with no contant without condom and his undetectable statue ?
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This is safe sex.  Having protected vaginal or anal sex even if the other person is HIV + is considered safe as the barrier of protection keeps HIV from transmitting.  You are practicing safe sex with him.
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Thank you for your quick respond. Also, is undetectable viral load a plus ? Because I saw that U=U. It says even if you do not use condoms, if your partner is undetectable it means that it is untransmitable.
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ART can reduce a person’s viral load to the point where it is so low (usually under 40 copies/ml) that it cannot be detected by measurements.

This is called having an ‘undetectable viral load', this prevents the sexual transmission of HIV along with improving the health of a person living with the virus. It does not cure someone of HIV.

Though it is safe to have unprotected sex with some one with undetectable viral load but it is always advisable to practice sex with condom as this can eradicate the fear of contraction if the other person is not adhering to ART properly, giving you incorrect information about their viral load or any other unavoidable circumstances.

You also have the option of PrEP, should you want to not risk your health and enjoy unprotected sex.

Please consult with your doctor for more information, none of the information we provide here on this forum is substitute for a doctor's advice.

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Thank you so much for your replying. Yes his viral load is undetectable but at the same time I used condom consistently. It was intact everytime and there was no breakage. May I ask you that am I under a risk even if I used condom and it was intact all the time ?
No. Condoms protect against HIV transmission. You were safe.
Thank you so much for your kind interest.
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After my last condom protected exposure that I mentioned above;

15.th day Vidas Hiv Duo Ultra / Negative

21.th day Vidas Hiv Duo Ultra / Negative

28.th day Vidas Hiv Duo Ultra / Negative

42.th day Vidas Hiv Duo Ultra / Negative

Can I say that I am conclusive on my tests ?
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You never had a risk for HIV.  You didn't need even ONE test, much less all of those tests.  You are HIV-negative.  Please move on.
Thank you for your kind interest CurfewX.
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Your extensive testing to a complete no risk event was uncalled for. Our point of view then and now remains unchanged - No risk. Testing was not warranted.
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