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Hiv test confusion

Hello guys,

I (male) had a brief unprotected insertive anal intercourse with a person (male) also
without reaching orgasm and ejaculation
Orgasm was with oral sex

It was for like less than two minutes. I'm not exactly sure maybe it was even less than one minute

I am circumsized.

At first after this event i asked him about his hiv status which he said he hasnt been with anybody in the past 1-2 years and at that time (1-2 years before) he only had kissing, and unprotected oral and fingering
This is what he claims

I was so worried so i asked him to do a test which he rejected then after 13 days I tried to force him to do an hiv test which came back negative

And on the paper it was mentioned hiv antibody/antigen non reactive.
This gave me a peace of mind for a week then after that I felt diarrhea and other flu like symptoms which made me worried again. After 32 days he got another hiv test negative which I don't know the generation of the test and he also doesn't because it was a medical checkup for the visa renewal in the country we live.

Do I need to get tested or there is no need?
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Yes you need to test.
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how can her give you something that he doesnt have.... for a peace of mind do a 4th generation test at 4 weeks.
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He was a male, I am afraid that if he was in his window period
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Is 84 days enough? Or I should wait 90 or 93 days
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84 is fine
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And one more question, what are the reasons and sources that you advise me to get tested? Which the other member didn't recommend to do so
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Because you had unprotected sex and you can't use someone elses test as yours.
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