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Hiv test results

I had a possible exposure to hiv in August of 2000.  I was tested hiv recently which was negative . My question is can I trust these results 15+ after possible exposure. The reason that I ask is because I have been going having sinus problems (head and facial pain, feeling hot and cold etc) for 6 months. Numerous trips to doctors and specialidts haven't  helped. Is it possible that I have sereoreverted and have stop producing antibodies?
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You are conclusively negative. Non of your symptoms are related to HIV.
I certainly hope so. I'm just but apprehensive because my symptoms aren't going away. I've read that in late stage hiv/aids that antibodies sometimes disappear causing a false negative test.
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You don't have HIV. You have an anxiety problem.
Your right,  I am a bit anxious. Especially  since I've had the same symptoms for 6 months.
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You should stop reading about HIV and start reading novels instead.
You're negative. Take care.
Thanks for answering.  Are you a doctor or hiv specialist?
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Neither. Just a member here.
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Listen to sleepless. You don't have HIV. A lot of us been in your position and we all learned it's conclusive.
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