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Hm Esophical Ulcers... sounds familiar

Actually, this kind of scares me, because a couple weeks ago when I thought I had caught the virus, because I wasn't educated enough, I started checking my body and my mouth imminently for any sign whatsoever that could compare to what I pulled up on the internet... And when I peered into my mouth with a flashlight, and looked on the back of my throat (not the tongue) I noticed a couple of these "ulcers." I felt them with my finger, and they were semi-hard. I do take pills but there is one of these ulcers right next to the bell looking piece in your mouth so I don't know how that would get there; and they haven't healed since I noticed them a couple weeks ago. I figured they were just something random but they have not gone away. I do occasionally have mouth cold sores  (herpes) but never have had them in my mouth ever, and certainly not on my throat. I only take one or two pills a day, and they are not very large. Any ideas? I tested negative on a mouth swab oraquick?orasure? test, at three weeks after "possible exposure."  I am kind of getting worried again, not really, but I hope I am right in thinking it's something other than " acute hiv ulcers." Yikes. Should I go get tested again at 3 months with another oraquick test?
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Does anyone know about these ulcers? I am kind of worried it might be acute hiv infection. I asked the girl to go get tested with me and she said no that she'll get tested when she wants, which is think is messed up. I hope it is just HSV or simply from swallowing pills. Although its been at least 2 weeks and they haven't healed.
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Move back over to the addiction forum. This is an HIV forum and you didn't have a risk of contracting HIV.
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Ok, well this is for the HIV community not the addiction forum. I am asking in accordance to a "possible exposure." I'm not sure if you remember my other post about my hiv exposure, but I fingered a girl for at least half hour or more, and there was blood. No cuts on my fingers that I know of. I also performed oral sex for a little while. And then at 3 weeks I tested negative on an orasure test. I am just kind of worried about these ulcers on my pharynx/ next to the bell in my throat. I am debating whether to see a doctor about it since they have yet to go away 2 weeks later.
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True. Ok. I don't know why it is so hard to overcome this feeling I have. It went away after I came back on here and was like " Yes I tested negative life is good!" Then about a week later I peered into my mouth again and those ulcers are still there on the pharynx and one small one next to my bell in mouth. It ***** that I am fine for a few days and then I trick myself into thinking I need to get tested again, I wish I could time warp three months from now and just get tested and warp back! Teak, if you don't mind sharing, how did you contract the virus? I am fairly new here and I read your profile a few days ago about how your immune system was healthy and fought it off for a number of years. If you don't want to share I understand just curious.
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you do NOT have a hiv concern and might be better served on the anxiety forum.
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