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Is it possible I am HIV+ even though I haven't tested in a year?

I've had unprotected sex with an unknown woman in May 2019 and while the sex lasted no more than 2 minutes because we were both drunk I haven't gotten tested. I have had intermittent fevers a few days after. I was very anxious and stressed about the event. Apart from the intermittent fevers and constant thinking nothing else happened like night sweat or sores. I'm still not sure I'd wanna test but it's been bothering me all this time. I haven't had sex again since. Is it possible I'm infected? Or is it a normal scare?
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Only a test can determine your status, so take one now. It is a waste of time to guess what flu or cold you got (since they went away) so you are putting yourself through a lot of agony doing all this guessing for 14 months - for nothing since you can't prove anything.
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I'm not sure why anyone would want to go through all that you have been worrying about in that you have been living your life as if the worst case scenario was inevitable, when a test will determine the answer that might end all the misery.
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