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Making Sense of HIV 4th Generation Test Results

Hello I was wondering if someone is knowledgeable or would have some insights on reading and interpertating the test results of a blood sample STD test from a lavatory.

On the 4th generation HIV test there is a mixed result of non-reactive along with screen reactive.

Further along in the HIV-1 and HIV-2 the results were both non-reactive.

The the end result was inconclusive and they suggested going through with a  HIV-1 Nucleic Acid test for further information.

I am just confused on how a result from one test can come back with both results if the 4th Feb tests were supposed to have high accuracy rates.

And is it suggested that a Nucleic Acid test be done to confirm the results, or have there been similar situations which occur on a regular basis?
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Let's start with this, what was your exposure?
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There has not been any personal activity for over four years, about two years ago I had some dental work done in Asia, that's all that I can think of at the moment, unless there are other ways of exposure that I may not be aware of.

Thank you
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Dental is not an hiv risk.
What was your exposure 4 years ago?
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I guess it wouldn't really be considered exposure, just protected vaginal sex.

After breaking up with my ex, over four years ago, I did have a rapid test done which was months after the last time of protected intercourse and it came out negative.

Thinking back the only time that I may have had exposure was when an condom did slip with a significant other about ten years ago.

Within the time frame of four to ten years ago I did have two other blood tests done and they were both negative.

Those were the only two sexual partners that I have had, and don't participate in any activities that may otherwise bring higher risk for HIV. His most recent test seems to be a little concerning, and I am still trying to figure how this could have come about.

I don't want to be in denial, but its hard trying to figure out what happened or maybe it's a fluke?
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You can't get hiv when you use a condom, so you didn't have any risk. only the head needs protection, so you were fully protected all the time.
Your tests were pointless, so you should move on and stop puzzling over the tests.
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The way adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Good news---  you never had a risk.  Saliva and air deactivate the HIV virus which is fragile.  

I wouldn't worry or fret over this anymore.  You don't have HIV.  

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Theres a problem of getting insurance coverage and being denied after this test result.
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Would it be recommended to go to a third party for another test and contest the policy?

I just don't want to proceed with the NAT test with the company through the company unless it will be a negative result.
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Based on your exposure and total lack of risk, I wouldn't test again at all.  You don't have HIV.  You never had a risk.
ok, I think I see the problem with an insurance policy now, but first answer these questions.
Who told you to do the 4 gen test and who is "they"? ".. they suggested going through with a  HIV-1 Nucleic Acid test for further information."
No one told me to do that test specifically, it came back on the results of routine blood work, and now it's an area of concern since it's noted as an area of suspect for the records.

The lab is the one one that says further testing for the NAT test, otherwise right now I have the 4th gen as being screened.... I guess that means positive for now until I prove otherwise....

I not too sure but this is, starting to become concerning
Ok, you are saying that your doctor ordered routine blood work, not the insurance company.
You had no risk, so you got a false positive result. Any test is conclusive after 3 months, so you didn't need to take the 4th gen. Take any test now and you will see you are negative - or else just take the insurance test when they check you.
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You had an indeterminate result which is not uncommon for IV Generation of HIV test, since they are very sensitive they can sometimes pick up cross reacting antibodies.

You were asked to get a NAT because that's the protocol. Since there was lack of exposure there is no requirement for you to test any further or if it's a necessity for you to get to a conclusion, you have to get an RNA NAT only because another antibody test might go give you the same result.

Good luck.
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