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Negative Oraquick Still Concerned

Approximately 2 weeks ago I took an Oraquick home test which came out negative, a few days later I went to the local county health department, they administered an oral hiv test I'm not sure if it's oraquick or orasure or if there is a difference between the ones done at home and the ones done by the county clinic.  The oral swab test done at the clinic was also negative.  I've always had a fear about this.  But I have been obsessing about this to the point where the anxiety is taking over my life.  At the time I took the tests it had been around 6 months maybe a bit longer since I was in a relationship with someone that I was a bit unsure of after a while.  I talked to my doctor a few days ago about the oraquick home test and the clinic oral swab tests which both were negative.  I have also had routine cbc blood work and asked her if I were to be infected would something show up on that test.  She said definitely, that something would show up in the white cell count and lymph.  My cbc blood work all came back normal.  (I had cbc done in September 2013 and January 2014)  I finally decided to take a hiv screening blood test I am so anxious that the blood test will say something different from the oral tests.  Apparently the test takes a few days to come back, I had the blood drawn on Friday. My current boyfriend just came down with a wicked flu, I've been told that the flu strain this year is pretty bad but in my head after a few days I started to wonder if my negative results could've been false negatives.  I've read about false negatives and can't stop researching the subject.  
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If it has truly been 6 months since you were with someone else and bf is negative then you don't have HIV.
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Yes prior to this current relationship the last one ended at around June of 2013.  I'm not concerned with the status of my current bf it is the prior one.  So taking into consideration that the prior relationship ended 6+ months ago, I've had normal cbc results and the two negative oral hiv tests I should be pretty comfortable that the results from my oral hiv tests are conclusive?  I don't mean to be repetitive but when I started researching the oral test results and saw something about the possibility of a false negative it freaked me out.  
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3 months after last unprotected vaginal and/or anal exposure is when a conclusive test can be taken.
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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your fast response.  I received my blood test results and they came back negative.  I was so stressed out I forgot my manners and just wanted to thank you for taking the time to respond.

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