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Hello 6 days before I had a tooth pulled out and one night being drunk I met a male prostitute and I performed oral sex on him for long time.  He did not ejaculate but for sure there was pre cum involved.  i would not be sure about the chances of actually may be hurt his penis with my teeth since he did not say anything.

I know that oral sex is low risk for hiv but I am worried over the fact of having the tooth extraction only 6 days before.

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Your tooth area was most likely healed up to the point where you were able to give oral sex with no issue. Then couple that with your saliva which inactives the virus, any fluid which he had would have been minimal. You had no risk.
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Actually I lost the two stitches I had from the surgery during the encounter. Later at home I passed the toothbrush and there was blood in it.  During the oral I performed I used a chlorexidine mouthwash.  May be this is even a worse thing to do
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No it would not be worse as any possible fluid with any of the virus would have been killed.
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