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On pep but think.im seroconverting

Im on pep and its now the third week .....I developed a sore neck on sunday sat morning and today I developed a sore throat and right now I have something like a pimple at the back of my neck could this be me seroconverting
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Talk to your doctor.  Highly unlikely you are seroconverting and a pimple-like lesion on the back of your neck has nothing to do with HIV.
Is it possible to.have one lymph node at the back.of my neck.it is not sore or hurting but I can feel it
You shouldn't be poking because you can irritate it, and only a med professional knows how to check lymph.  Everyone gets sore throats, so symptoms mean nothing. Did you do oral, anal or vaginal and did you use a condom?
I did vaginal and the condom broke and I stopped the act instantly
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Lymph nodes can be palpable. It is just a normal organ.
Go see your doctor.
Lymph nodes are not an organ, they're tissue.
My lymph node is small the size of a bean seed or less but thats how big it is so it it inflammed
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Lymph nodes are organs as they are made up of lymphoid tisssue. They are part of the lymphatic system. Similarly, the heart is an organ as it is made up of different tissues such as muscle and nervous.

Swollen lymph nodes are something that should be felt by doctors and diagnosed. You should not go and press them. It is difficult for me to describe how it feels. Also different causes of swollen lymph nodes can result in different swelling : the extent of swelling and whether it is localised or widespread.

I am going to make a general statement that swollen lymph nodes are above 3cm.

Please ignore your symptoms and see your doctor please.
I only have one lymph node and tomar im going to the doctor it is not painful I can just feel it
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