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Please help

I had a sex with CSW in Bangkok, Thailand. I was bit drunk and not too much to forget everything. I used a condom when we start. But Since I was drunk I could not finish and she did oral without a condom( i remember it) but can not remember when exactly she removed the condom or was it there when I moved out. one week later I have a burning sensation and it got worst next few days. I got single dose treatment for gonorrhoea. I talked to her yesterday and she told me that she did a test on HIV test last December and she was negative. She confirmed that condom was there when we have vaginal sex.  she agreed to test STIs and HIV on Friday. Here is my questions
1. if she negative now is that mean there is no chance that I get HIV in case if I exposed to short time?
2. if she is positive now, what is the probability of I am getting it in case I exposed to short time?
3. Can i do PCR test now or any other test I could have after 2 weeks of exposure?

Please help me
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A duo test has a 28 day window and any other test is 3 months so depending on which test she used then there is a window period to consider.
Oral is not a risk for HIV. You can't get HIV if you use a condom for vaginal which she said you did so in that case you had no risk.

Likely she always uses a condom to protect herself from HIV from her clients so she would be negative if so.
If she was negative in Dec and didn't have any unprotected since that window period started then she would be negative anyway.

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