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Pondering HIV questions

Hi Doc and guys,

I am from Singapore, and I had recent sexual encounters with prostitutes in Singapore. I had a total of 40 sexual encounters with protection until I stopped in December 2013. During the 40 sexual encounters I had a total of 5 HIV Alere Determine HIV 1/2 Rapid test, I tested until May 2012 and it all came back non reactive, I abstained from sex in 2014 and tested for HIV rapid test on 18 March and 26th March 2015 and it also came back non reactive. By 7th March 2015 I was diagnosed of having Thyroid disorders in form of Hyperthyroidism, had a thyroxine levels of 26.5 , ALT 104 and AST 45, TSH was still at 0.005. My AntiTPOtab was at 516. I was given 20mg of Carbimazole and high blood pressure tablets and until 19th May I was recalled back to do a full blood count, liver function tests and Hepatitis B tests. My Full blood count was

WBC 6.100 (4.000-10.000)
Lymphocytes 31.8% (16.0 - 47.0)
Lymphocytes 1.900 (1.100 - 3.400)
Monocytes 4.7% (2.0-10.0)
Monocytes 0.300 (0.100 - 0.700)
Granulocytes 63.5% (41.0 - 77.0)
Granulocyte 3.900(1.900 - 6.700)
RBC 5.830 (4.300 - 5.700)
Haemoglobin 15.60 (13.00 -17.00)
Haematocrit 46.60 (38.00 - 50.00)
MCV 79.90 (82.00 - 98.00)
MCH 26.80 (27.00 - 33.00)
MCHC 33.50 (33.00-35.00)
RDW 14.20% (11.00 - 14.00)
Platelets 231.0 (140.0 - 430.0)
MPV 8.50 (6.30 - 9.10)

ALT 95
AST 38
Thryroxine free 25.7
TSH <0.005
HBsAg Non Reactive

I just would want to know is safe...should I test beyond may and should I watch my CBC tests ?
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Rapid Ab test for HIV 1/2 is conclusive only after 12 weeks mark
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Just additional stuff....Is the Alere Determine HIV 1/2 rapid test kit accurate for HIV diagnosis ?
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If your recent contact was protected and there was no other exposure between this contact and your last HIV test, you are safe. Your blood picture is healthy, (however such results do not tell about HIV infections accurately and one has to go for a separate qualitative HIV test for that purpose).

In case, your recent contact was unprotected or protection failed one, then you need to retest (4th generation Duo test) after 4 weeks of the exposure to rule out the infection conclusively.
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