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Possible hiv risk exposure and full blood count result

I had a fling with a girl some 5 months ago.The tip of my penis probably just entered the vagina opening for about 10 seconds but i didn’t penetrate any further

two weeks later i started having symptoms such as headache,cold,fever, and a sort of sore throat where it was like a mucus was on my throat so i had to spit multiple times. After taken antibiotics i had a pimple-like rash on my forehead. Later i started having muscle tingling on my hands, also i started feeling very hot on my body,especially my neck and chest but anytime i check the temperature,it was always normal, between 36 and 37 degree celcius . I havent taken a test yet since i felt that was a low risk as an heterosexual male. I went for a full blood count last month and below is the result;
Hb-16.0 gm/dl
Pcv- 48%
Wbc- 4900 mm3
Neutrophils- 20%
Lymphocytes- 80%
The remark by the lab scientists was MARKED LYMPHOCYTOSIS
My question is , can this result be a pointer to a possible hiv infection and what usually cause a marked lymphocytosis and neutropenia?
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So I finally took a test today using Alere determine strip and it was negative (feeling so relieved). But I need to know, is this test result conclusive or do I need a confirmatory test after 6 months from exposure?
Also, with my symptoms listed in the original post what test should I carry out to at least determine what is wrong?
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Assuming your test was taken at least a month after your exposure, you do not have HIV and there is no need for further testing.

This forum is only for addressing HIV concerns, and we are not able to provide next steps for your non-HIV related symptoms and test results.  Your doctor is your best resource.
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Only you know if you penetrated, but in any event it is unlikely that such a short penetration could allow hiv infection.
Docs can't diagnose hiv from symptoms so no one here pays attention to posters claims of "hiv" symptoms or your blood counts etc. Therefore you should stop trying to diagnose immediately and stop googling hiv symptoms cold turkey since it's a waste of time.
If concerned, take one hiv test now - that's the only diagnostic available and you don't need to test twice like a lot of people do.
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10 seconds of intercourse isn't likely to transmit anything at all.  Obviously you're concerned, so take an HIV test.  The results of any other test don't have a direct relationship with a person's HIV status, so it would be pointless for us to speculate about them.  Discuss your lab results with your doctor - there are too many possible causes for us to address in this HIV forum, and all would need further investigation.
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