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Possible hiv risk?

Hello, so about a month ago I noticed pimples growing on the shaft of my penis. I talked to some of the experts online and almost all of them confirmed me it was molluscum Contagiosum. I've started treating it at home with Apple cider vinegar but this isn't my concern. So about 2 years ago I had unprotected sex with a gay man and since then I've had sex with him atleast 10 times. I don't really know this man so I can't confirm if he's had sex with other men too, I only met him for sex. I know I'm guilty of not covering it. But since I noticed the molluscum, I've lost hold of my life thinking about contracting hiv. I've had no symptoms whatsoever, no night sweats, no fatigue or swollen lymph nodes. What's my chances of contracting hiv? A reply would be appreciated.
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Your symptom alone does not suggest that you have HIV. In fact, many actually infected people remain totally asymptomatic, therefore symptoms are often confusing and misleading when we talk about HIV

You have been involved with a man of unknown health status and your exposure carries the risk HIV transmission.

In order to rule it out, a simple and quick test will provide you peace of mind and relief. If your last exposure is older than 6 weeks, you may go for the test immediately, collect your conclusive report and move on with your life.

Next time, never ever unprotected with anyone, outside your mutually committed long term monogamous relationship
What kind of sex did you have?
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