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Primary HIV infection - Worried

I watched a crime special today about a Ugandan man that intentionally infected female victims with HIV.  For the first time I heard about primary hiv infection as one of the woman got a severe rash and had weight loss 4 weeks after infection.  This horrified me as I was date raped 6 weeks ago, he did not use a condom but did withdraw. He is hetro-sexual and 23 years old, he is not a intrevenous drug user.  8 days after the incident I had a sore throat and swollen painful lymph nodes in my neck (front and back) that lasted 3 or 4 days and a few weeks later I developed a chest cold.  At about 5 weeks I noticed my upper chest, upper arms, and upper back were itchy and I have a minor rash (can't really be seen but I can feel it if I run my hands across it).  I am very scared at the moment, and have been told I need to wait 3 months for a test.  My questions:  Would I be seeing sore throat/swollen gland symptoms 8 days after and would the rash happen at the same time or is the fact it's happening 5-6 weeks after something to be really worried about?  What is the likelihood of me testing positive from this encounter (I have been in a monogamous relationship for 6 years and was tested prior to that)?  Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
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Never trust the information you see on the television, even documentaries can put forward outdated or unsubstantiated information, even though there is a risk of HIV from your encounter, more than likely you will be fine, symptoms don't seem indicative of typical ARS, however there really is no such thing and symptoms are not the way in which HIV is identified, you will need a test at 12 weeks to rule it out, however you can test now and the result will unlikely change, this may help alleviate some of your anxiety.
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Thank you so much, I'm actually crying with relief after reviewing your posts and many others from you wonderful folks that supply us with accurate information and real statistics.  There seems to be a lot of misinformation out there.  I know I'm not safe yet and I will get tested but prior to stumbling upon this website I was absolutely certain I had HIV and really didn't know how I would get through the next 6 weeks, you've lessened my anxiety.  I did not know about the PEP as I hadn't reported the incident out of shame and embarrasment, I wish I had now.  One last question if I may, do you know what the general statistic is for a woman having unprotected vaginal intercourse with a HIV+ partner (either when there was ejaculation and when there was not).
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I am sorry about what happen to you, but Girl, I had unprotected sex with a call girl a couple years back. Guess what, no HIV, no STD.  I had a female friend that was date raped twice. Guess what? no HIV.  Most people do not have HIV. Get tested, but I bet it will be neg. I hope this helps.
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Yes, it helps a lot, thank you.  I'm still anxious as I know very little about this man but it's nothing like how I felt this afternoon (I didn't know there was an emotion like that - "dread/fear/anxiety/hopelessness/anger/disappointment/shame/life is over feeling").  I'm not prone to panic and I wasn't even really concerned about it until I heard about the ARS symptoms as I have truly not been feeling well as described above.  I can't tell you how much this forum has helped me.
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symptoms of early infection (ARS) come at 2-4 weeks post exposure and last for 1-2 weeks.  your symptoms, as you can see, are not indicative of hiv.

a test at 6 weeks will give you a good indication of your status...but follow up with a test at 3 months for a conclusive result.
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I just wanted to follow up to say thank you for the advice, I did get tested at 6 1/2 weeks for all STD's as well as HIV and all are negative.  I will test again at 3 months to be certain but it looks like it will be ok.  To all of you out there that are worried about ARS,  I had all of the symptoms, swollen glands, sore throat, canker sore in mouth, fever, severe night sweats (soaked the sheets) and a rash on my chest and back. I spent many needless hours trying to figure out the timing of each symptom to see if it fit ARS.  I was SURE I had it.  It all turned out to be the flu and the rash was caused by taking to many Advil.  As the experts say, don't waste time trying to diagnose your symptoms, just go get tested as scary as it feels.
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we've already discussed that with you in length....MOVE ON.
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