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Rash on thigh

hi im positive my husband has been fooling around but im not sure if i have an std or not what does an hiv rash look like or an ars? i have pimple like bump on both inner thighs and they are spreading down my leg a little bit and now its like red around a few of them kinda swelled looking ..some are very close together also i didnt give him oral but i kinda kiss8ed on his penis one day and i swear the next day a cold sore looking thing popped up it started out a little bitty zit and it hurt and it grew a bit with a white head it popped had a core then pus could this be an std or just a cold sore once i drained it and started to heal a bit but its been like a week and a half and i can still faintly see it plz give me all the info on these two subjects im very scared to even go to dr im embarrased to ask someone face to face
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Post your STD questions in the STD forum to get the proper answers. As for HIV, symptoms mean nothing in telling ones status. From what you describe it does not sound like ARS. If you think you have been exposed through unprotected vaginal or anal sex with your husband then you should seek testing for HIV. You will need to test 3 months after your last exposure for your conclusive result.

As for oral sex and kissing his penis this is not a risk for HIV at all.

Hope this helps
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thank you i didnt realize until i posted this was for HIv only first time user my bad but still thanks for the info
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