I've been having shady sex with stranger via Craigslist, using gay apps and such. I have an unhealthy sexual
, addiction. I will say whether being the top
Or Bttm I always practice safe sex, however when it comes to oral sex, frottage and heavy kisssing all bets are off. I'm not into semen other then occasionally using the fluid to masturbate with. Now the question. In June I met this guy I was the top (safe) and did everything else. Two weeks later I break out in a rash, back chest upper arms and face. From photos on the net and from my Dr. Diagnosis, it's folliculitis. I didn't ask to be tested for HIV, because I've been scared to know. However it's been 3 months and I'm still breaking out in what is not acne. Your thoughts on whether I've contracted something from my descriptions. I will get tested at some point and be responsible, but haven't been hooking up lately.
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Thank you. I'm gonna get tested anyway and try to figure out why I have inflammatory issues with skin and body. Thanks Teak, the celebrity of online health questions.
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You don't have an HIV concern. You've never done anything to put yourself at risk.
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