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Reused needles

Hi everyone,

I was admitted in hospital, the nurse use the closed iv cateter system, nurse set up the needle in front of me and went outside, i dont know what she take from outside, and start to take my blood,

My question theres a safety features for closed iv cateter system not to reused to someone? Do i need to worry to catch any blood orne diseases?

Thank you
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"Do I need to worry to catch any blood borne diseases?"
This is just an hiv prevention forum. The only non-sexual risk for hiv is sharing hollow needles that you use to inject with because hiv is fragile and is instantly dead in air. You didn't do that so don't worry about hiv anymore. You should stop worrying that the hospital gave you a disease and move on.
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They used a needle to fill up the empty bottle, i dont know what its called? The color of it is pink,
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They get 4 bottle of blood on me, i dont know if they accidentally reused the needles because she went outside
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