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Risk assessment and guidance please


I have been reading this forum for about 3 months now and it's one the reasons I have been able to keep sane still but I need your guidance for my situation:

History: Conclusively HIV and STD negative before March 2021

1) Received unprotected BJ from CSW March 2021 - Had unprotected vaginal sex with my partner (Confirmed HIV negative) the same day and 2 days later
2) Received unprotected BJ from CSW Jan 2022
3) Protected vaginal sex with CSW March 2022
4) Received unprotected BJ from CSW May 2022
5) Naked frottage with CSW July 2022
6) I have received some handjobs in between but I know they are no risk

My major concern is unprotected BJ in March 2021 - I know experts say 0 risk in this. But just hypothetically, if I caught HIV from this incident could I have passed this on to my partner within 2 days ? Kindly answer this from the perspective if actually caught HIV from this incident since my partner conceived during this time. My partner took Roche ECLIA test (India) around 6 weeks from this incident and was negative for HIV, VDRL and STDs. Kindly indicate if there is enough viral load with 48-72 hours after new infection to pass it to someone. Also, can pregnancy suppress antibody response for HIV

Next major question is related to Frottage, I checked with the CSW, she says I didn't penetrate her. She was grinding on my naked penis till I got erection, then she flipped it towards my stomach and split the lips of her labia and she continued grinding till I ejaculated. I finally saw I ejaculated on her pubic hair but the griding was very close and it was 4-5 days before her period (since I asked her about blood). I have had a rash about 6 weeks from this incident on the neck after I wore a neck chain. I have also had burning sensation on tongue for couple of weeks, canker sores on tongue, sore throat, pain in teeth and muscle pain but no fever as such. I know the feeling of penetrating a vagina and I also felt that through the entire process there was close rubbing but no penetration (Sorry for the graphic description)

I am extremely tensed, smoking way more and very worried. Kindly guide and help on the 2 major concerns
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If you have been following this forum for a few months, you already know that the only sexual risk involves inserting an unprotected penis into a vagina or anus.

There is no "hypothetical" here.  Nothing you did put you at risk for HIV.  If your mental health is suffering, you should see a therapist, because the problem isn't HIV - it's anxiety.
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@CurfewX - Thank you so much for your quick response. I accept that I am having anxiety issues but if I may seek your answer for just 4 more questions:

1) If someone got infected with HIV today, can he transmit it to his partner within 48-72 hrs i.e., via vaginal sex, will there be enough viral load with 72 hours?
2) I asked the lab for the generation of HIV testing for my partner but the reception people couldn't answer properly. Can you kindly indicate the generation for Roche ECLIA test
3) Can early pregnancy suppress antibody response and is 6 weeks negative conclusively negative for my partner. We didn't engage in any further sex after her ovulation period in March 2021 (which overlapped with the first unprotected BJ) due to her pregnancy complications
4) I have had some cloudy red urine since March/April this year could this be any indicator of HIV?

Kindly don't get offended with my questions, I know I am having anxiety/guilt issues but if you can kindly answer these 4 questions that will certainly help me
You are asking me to do a LOT of work and typing.  We are volunteers here, and answer in our free time.  So no, I am not going to indulge you and answer questions that depend on you having a risk for HIV, when you did not.  I'm sorry you are feeling anxious over your no-risk event, but we don't provide anxiety support.
@CurfewX - Trust me I understand where you are coming from but if I may kindly request your response for just 1 question

1) If someone got infected with HIV today, can he transmit it to his partner within 48-72 hrs i.e., via vaginal sex, will there be enough viral load with 72 hours?
You had no risk. What if's driven by your anxiety aren't really worth the volunteer's time. YOU HAD NO RISK.
We aren't here to address hypothetical questions.  We are here to advise on actual events that happened.  Since you weren't at risk for HIV, you were not and will never be able to transmit it to a partner.
Dear experts - I did test at 89 days from the last frottage incident and the test like you-all was negative. I tested CMIA P24 and HIV 1/2 DUO. Couple of subsequent questions:

1) I haven't had any HSV2 outbreaks and I took prophylactic course of Doxycycline and Azithomycin to protect against Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonnerhea  and I have read on this forum that they don't interfere with HIV test. Question: Is there any chance of picking HEP B and particularly HEP C from these incidents?

2) Also, in a remote possibility does HEP C co-infection affect HIV test window or outcome.

Kindly share your thoughts
What do you mean if your test was negative, share your thoughts? You don't have hiv. This is an hiv foru and we answer questions about that here. you had no risk. A negative test. That's all the info you should need to stop overthinking or continuing to seek reassurance.
@GuitarRox - Kindly don't get offended with my question. I know many people post garbage on internet (for fear-mongering) but I just wanted the opinion of learned volunteers is there any risk of HEP B from Oral Sex or Frottage. Also, is there any chance if HEP C can affect the HIV test OR elongate the window period. Kindly share your perspective
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