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Risk of HIV from anal without ejaculation?

I'm male and I had my first (and only) sex 2 months ago (receptive anal). My partner didn't use a condom (now I realize how incredibly stupid that was). He didn't ejaculate inside, and whole act was around 2 minutes. I didn't notice later any blood coming out from my anus and it didn't hurt me. Till today I didn't experience any HIV symptoms (though I know some people don't experience any symptoms at all).

I'm 23 and my partner is 35.

My question is: how easy was for me to get HIV from my partner (if he has it)?

I'm going to take a test in a month, but I'm so scared.

Thanks for the answer.
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6.5 in 10000. Get tested with fourth generation and if result negative then use condom everytime you have veginal or any sex
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Good news: I did testing today and I'm hiv negative. What a relief!
Last couple of days were a disaster for me. A lot of bad things were going through my mind, but everything is OK now. People at testing were super polite and discrete. I recommend everyone in doubt of having HIV, go RIGHT AWAY there and do the testing. Don't wait a day anymore. Worrying about it just makes it worse.

Thanks for your support on this thread. I wish you all the best.
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VERY happy to hear your results. Please learn from this experience.

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