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Single exposure, risk of HIV and STD?

Hello, please, I need some advice, Here is my story.

I´m a married man and my wife (who is 6 months pregnant) went for a trip.
4 nights ago (2 days after my wife left) I was very drunk and went to a strip club in Mexico, I met a girl there and we
had some drinks and after that we went to a cheap motel room.
After some talking she did me a back massage. Later on, she took off her pants and I went for unprotected oral sex that last like 2 minutes.
Later she took my pants off and with lubricant she rubbered many times her vagina with my penis, after some massage of my penis between her legs
and against her vagina lips I felt that i was penetrating her a little bit, but here´s is the thing, I don´t remember very well penetrating her or not just
a very warm sensation. She said that my penis never penetrate her, that the warm sensation was boecause my penis was between her legs an her vagina with the lube,
but I have a weird sensation that i did penetrate her, about 5 seconds of unprotected exopsure.
I got scared and we stop all the intercourse.
Later, like ten minutes after that I noticed like a red rash (like circle shaped isolated and localized only in her left leg about a size of a tennis ball),
I asked her what it was and she said that it was nothing to worry about it and she cover herself. Later we took a shower and she told me that I have nothing
to be scared off becasue I didn't penetrate her and she was clean and was a mother of two. I asked if she use drugs and she told that she occasionally smoke meth.
The day after I went to the bar where I met this girl and they told me that all girls that work there do STD and HIV exams every 2 weeks and that
I have nothing to worry about. But I´m afraid that maybe they don´t do it very strictly.
I´ve been worry for 4 nights, not much sleep, not much eating, can´t concetrate at work and feeling very guilty about doing that stupid thing to my wife.
It´s in indeed the most stupid thing I haver ever done.

Here are my concrete questions.

1.- What is the risk of getting STD from unprotected oral sex (cunnilingus) and which exams of STD should I take and when (window period)?
2.- What is the risk of getting HIV form the brief unprotected vaginal intercourse?
3.- Does ELISA test (or any antibody) test will be reliable after 25 days of exposure?
4.- Does the red rash in her leg (with the characteristics I described) could be some ARS symptom?
5.- I´ve herad about the new Procleix "early test" that can detect HIV infection after a week of exposure (by Gen-Probe Inc.) They are doing it at
the University of California-San Diego's Antiviral Research Center (ARC). Is this reliable?, shoukd I take one?

Please help me, I´m very worried about loosing my life, my wife and my future son.  
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IF you did have brief exposure (which seems doubtful) your risk would be miniscule. I would not be concerned. Expect a negative on any HIV test should you choose to take one.
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The Elisa won't be totally definitive until 3 months, but usually before then. Most other stds will show after a couple of weeks. I would definitely wait to have sex with your wife since she is pregnant until you find out, but oral is virtually no risk, penetration could put you at a risk , probably a low risk, but still a risk. I would try not to stress but heck it all out after the proper time. There are tests that you can get at quest diagnostics or std centers that can detect Hiv earlier than the elisa. Ask your doctor about that. The doctor forum on her is very helpful , I would recommend paying the$22 if you want some expert advice. It's very wrong of anyone to judge you, so ignore people who do that, they have no business on this forum.
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Thank you very much for your comments, I really appreciate it.  I got the swab test for ghonorrea at 1 week after exposure (oral and in the urethra) both came back negative. I´m still waiting the results  for urine chlamydia test. Could you please give me you opinion about this:

In case the chlamydia test is positive, is this an indicator that I could also got infected also with HIV?  

Had discomfort in the perineal area about 4 days (12 days after exposure) and little burning before urinating, no discharge....does this sound like chlamydia symptoms to you?
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