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Skin rash and other symptoms

32 year old healthy male overall.  7 weeks ago received unprotected oral but never ejaculated.  6 weeks ago received unprotected oral and had protected vaginal. 5 weeks ago gave and received unprotected oral and ejaculated.  2 weeks ago gave and received unprotected oral but never ejaculated.  3 weeks after having the protected vaginal I went to local health department for HIV test for peace of mind.  I know 3 weeks is early but I need to relieve the anxiety I was feeling.  It was a oraquik ( pricked finger for blood ) came back negative.  Week before I had test ( 2 weeks after protected vaginal I had canker sore on tongue ( I've had these on and off my entire life so I didn't look to hard into that ) lasted maybe a week, also developed pins and needles burning sensation in left inner thigh only and was made worse by light touch, pants rubbing against it.  1 1/2 weeks ago the thigh sensation was mostly gone but same sensation appeared in left armpit and slowly moved down my left arm to my wrist, burning itchy sensation.  Last 2 days the sensation is 99% gone but this morning I woke up with what looked like a heat rash on both my wrists and a few red dots along my left arm up to my armpit.  Past week I've had very mild post nasal drip, just annoying at night.  No other symptoms have been present of any kind really, no bumps, discharge, flu symptoms, etc.. I'm going in for a full std checkup June 30, ( which will be 7 1/2 weeks since protected vaginal, which is the incident I'm most concerned of)  Could any of these symptoms be related to early HIV symptoms, ARS etc.  I know you can't go by symptoms that is why I'm going in for a full checkup, but just looking for peace of mind.  Internet just has me scared.
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You never had a risk of contracting HIV from oral sex nor did you have a risk from having protected vaginal/anal sex.
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Thanks Teak, I've read dozens and dozens of your posts before I posted here and trust your judgement.  Will post back after taking tests and getting results back.
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Mid follow up.  Got tested for HIV, Herpes, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Clamidia on June 30 6 1/2 weeks after possible exposure with blood and urine samples, just waiting on results on July 14th.  Stress creeps in every once and awhile but I block it out mostly until I start researching symptoms on the internet.  I'd advice nobody to do this and just get tested like I did, but we are going to do it anyways I guess.  Only thing that bothers me is the persistent white on the back of my tongue and the 1 day outbreak of what look like a heat rash or shingles on my arm, which are a sign of HIV (but could just be coincidental), which freaks me out.  I'll let you guys know July 14th when I get my results back.
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we KNOW what your hiv test will be...NEGATIVE.

please address any further concerns on the hiv anxiety community forum...you did not have a hiv risk.
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