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Hi dear all moderators

I had short unprotected sex 19 days ago with stranger who's hiv status is unknown. We did anal sex, and now 19 days after exposure i am experiencing sore throat and body aching. Does hiv symptomps possible to appear in 19 days after exposure ? Thank you
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Important to note that hiv is never diagnosed via symptoms. They look at risks. You had unprotected anal sex which is a risk. However, please note that it is very low. A one time exposure is LESS THAN 1 percent. Very unlikely for you to get hiv from this unprotected episode. However, you do need to test. On day 28 or after, take a 4th generation duo test.
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And also i experiencing sweaty either in hot or cool place. And also a little lump behind my ear
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HIV doctors can't diagnose from symptoms so no one here pays attention to them. You should stop examining your body for symptoms, because this just makes you more anxious, when you realize they can't prove anything. Try instead, to keep your mind off of hiv.
The only thing to do is test with a duo after 4 weeks for a conclusive result.
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