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Taking in an HIV positive child

I would like to know the risks of taking in a HIV positive child into your home.  This child is 14 and has been HIV positive since birth.  Her mother recently passed away from aids and a family member of mine is considering taking her in.  I have concerns about this child being around my children and my nieces and nephews.  Are my concerns unfounded??
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Stop by any HIV clinic and talk with the counselors, so that you can educate yourself on HIV. Tell your mother she is highly respected by someone living with HIV.
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You have no risks in living in the same household with someone with HIV.  Your family member is a saint for taking her in.  God bless your relative; if there is a heaven then I am sure your relative is racking up points for admittance.    I almost tear up thinking about a 14y/o child having to live with HIV, let alone losing her mother.  It just hurts to think about.  
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Post script:  A story like this really makes me want to open up my wallet and donate to AIDS research.   We have got to keep pushing on to find a cure.  I just read the recent article in Scientific American on the latest research on AIDS and the challenges facing the scientific community in this endeavor.  There is still a great deal of work to be done.  But cases like a 14y/o child living with this hanging over her head since birth has just got to make us all more determined to beat this thing.
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There are some treatments coming down the pipeline that look very promising, namely GeoVax and Bavituximab (google them if you're curious). it's far too early to get excited about anything, but it's always good to know that progress is being made and research is being done.
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as the mother of a son with hiv...my hat is off to your friend ! ! !

your friend will be able to educate herself by going with this girl to her doctor's appts.  in the meantime...you or she have nothing to worry about.

hiv is transmitted through...
unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse
sharing of iv drug works with an infected person
mother to child at birth

it is not transmitted through...
environmental surfaces
saliva (kissing, spitting, etc.)
touching (holding hands, etc)
eating or drinking after someone
and the list goes on...................................................
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