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Tribbing and rubbing

Hi, i am bisexual woman..i had bf 5 years ago with whom i used to practice vulva penis rubbing.the relationship was for 2 years and never penetration ooccur..after that i had gf with whom i had vulva to vulva rubbing that was also for 1 year regular..i any of them had hiv..what are my hiv risk? I heared these are low risk activities but as i was regular is this possible the risk increased? Test needed?
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This is not a risk. Touching bodily fluid will not transmit the virus. Air inactivates the virus. Therefore, the only ways that adults get HIV is from UNPROTECTED vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. The transmission only takes place INSIDE the body.  Genital rubbing with or without cuts will not transmit the virus.  It is not INSIDE the body.  So, this is of no worry and is ZERO risk.
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The only ways HIV is spread are:
-Unprotected anal/vaginal penetrations.
-Sharing needles to inject drugs.
-Mother to child.

Rubbing is not a risk.

All the best.
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Thanks for your answer.actually  some sites showing body fluids exchange is a potential risk for hiv.is it possible that after rubbing genitals semen or vaginal fluids enter in side vagina and cause any risk?.
According to the theory, yes it is possible. Theoretically even if a single virus enters the body it can multiply and dominate the whole body. Theoretically the virus loves in the bodily fluids. But practically, the virus dies as soon as it exposed to the air. And, around 99% of cases are from unprotected anal/vaginal penetration. Sharing needles. And mother to child.
So, practically the chances of contracting the virus from rubbing is very very very low. Can be considered as a zero risk.
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