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Undetectable HIV

Im worried about the chance of being infected with hiv aids and not being able to detect it through the normal tests.I slept with a prostitute and aquired syphillis.Since it was with a mixed race prostitute from Africa I started to worry because in Africa there is HIV and AIDS.I tested 5 times through the laboratory and realised a negative status.I told my story indirectly to a medical microbiologist as im still worried because I have a rough layer of white on my tongue which feels like dead cells.The microbiologist said there was no 100% chance of someone being truely negative.He said that it cannot be known if there is an advanced mutation of the virus or a new version (HIV 3) as a result of such metamorphosis.He also said there is a lot of inconsistances with regards what is know about this virus and has heard of a few people who have turned positive only 8 months down the line.Is he telling the truth?
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Thankyou hopefully im safe yet.
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AIDS is HIV it's just a progession of. MOVE ON there are no mutated HIV types that wouldn't be picked up by our standard tests.
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